English words with Arabic origins

Did you know that many of the words in English were first used and introduced by Arabs? Notice how similar the word is in English when compared to the Arabic version.

admiralami:r-al-bahr ‘ruler of the seas’ (and other similar expressions) – amara command

candy – short for ‘sugar candy’, from sugar + qandi ‘candied’, from qand ‘cane sugar’

checkmatesha:h ma:t ‘the king is dead’

chemistry – see alchemy


geniejinni: ‘spirit’


mummymu:miya: ’embalmed body’ – mu:m ‘(embalming) wax’

racketrâh’et ‘palm of the hand

sofas,uffah ‘raised dais with cushions’


sugarsukkar – from Sanskrit


For the complete list, visit this site.

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